Covid-19: What is new for us and you?

For your safety and in order to meet the requirements of the new Covid-19 laws, we have introduced the following rules:


- We continue to do our tours in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants

- We assure that we disinfect our equipment after every tour

- Please disinfect your hands before and after the tour

- During the briefing and the adjustment of the kayaks, all participants are asked to wear a mouth mask

- A double kayak may only be used by people traveling together (We have different types of single kayaks, for both beginners and experienced paddlers!)

- We keep the minimum distance of 1,5m to each other during the entire tour (except in emergency situations)

- Please read our Internal Guidelines to prevent sars cov 2 infections and on how to proceed in case of covid-19 symptoms

- We added a new Corona cancellation policy for our Multi Day Trips: In case of travel restrictions or flight cancellations we will refund the already paid amount in full