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Sea kayaking in the Algarve, bird-watching and marine life conservation

The rugged cliffs and pristine beaches of the Costa Vicentina are a haven for all kinds of flora and fauna. In particular, many different species of birds thrive in this habitat. Clients participating in a half-day kayak tour are nearly guaranteed to see at least 3 or 4 different species of marine bird along the way.

Our sea kayaks are an excellent way to see these birds without disturbing them or disrupting their natural habitat. The kayaks are quiet (unlike a noisy outboard motor on a tour boat) and their low profile allows us to see these usually shy and evasive animals up close and personal.

One very special bird is the European Shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis), called corvo-marinho-de-crista in Portuguese. Smaller and with darker feathers than their cousin, the Great Cormorant, these birds can dive up to 18m when hunting for fish. During Spring, they nest in the caves and cliffs between Sagres and Ingrina.

A picture of two European shags
European Shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis), image credit to Ron Knight

We at Sea Kayaking Sagres are passionate about wildlife conservation and sustainable eco-tourism in the Algarve. Therefore, when we have spare time, we will take the sea kayaks out along the Costa Vicentina to count the European Shags. We look at how many adults, juveniles and nests there are. We then report these numbers back to a local marine biologist. This way, we can gauge the overall health of the population of this remarkable bird.

Would you like to immerse yourself in the beautiful coastline of the Algarve? Book a sea kayak tour with us today!


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