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About us

About Sea Kayaking Sagres

Since 2017, Sea Kayaking Sagres has been providing unforgettable paddling tours throughout the Algarve. With a sea kayak it is possible to explore the coastlines and waterways of Portugal from a unique perspective. As the only dedicated sea kayaking tour operator in the western Algarve, Sea Kayaking Sagres focuses only on providing the highest quality equipment and guiding.

Meet the guide

Amandio Miguel has been sea kayaking in the Algarve for most of his life. Since 2017 he has been leading dedicated and professional sea kayaking tours.


In addition to his qualifications (ACA Trip Leader Level 4 / Euro Paddle Pass Level 4 from the DKV - German Canoe Association), Amandio has an extensive and intimate knowledge of the sea conditions, geographies, currents, and coastlines surrounding the Algarve.


As a result, he can lead sea kayaking trips and tours that are suitable for clients with various levels of experience (beginner through to advanced).


In Amandio’s words; “My passion is to provide adventures that go far beyond simply paddling to conventional tourist spots. Instead, we want to share our love of sea kayaking with you and the unique access to the ocean and nature that this sport provides. I look forward to showing you how great it is to paddle on the open sea, just as the Inuits have done for over 4000 years!”

Amandio speaks Portuguese, English, and German.

A seakayak guide
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